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I have to pay 150$ to get out of the contract for a year and they have gave the highest bill in all the years at this house in the winter. They said they send a paper when your years up and if you don't say you don't want to stay with them they start a contract for another year and another fee with out you saying it's okay.

I don't think I should have been able to sign up for programs like that if I'm already on payment plan with met ed. That fact I get help means I'm in poverty level.

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States #817018

I made sure to ask them when to cancel they told me I have to call in June to cancel or they will renew it without my say so. They said the *** not over till Aug


The same thing happen to me and to make matters worse is I signed back with them before I know they are going to send me a bill for $390 because I tried to cancel from them. They have been renewing the contract without my signature and they claim that they send a letter 90 days before the contract ends.

If you don't say anything they renew it automatically. But try to cancel it and they take you to the cleaners.

I will be keeping an eye on this new contract the moment t ends I will be done with them and will never signed up with them ever.

I pleaded with them but they say I have to pay the $390 and continue to pay my regular bill.

Anybody reading this run when you hear WGES

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