A company calling itself Washington Gas and Energy Services has been calling my home repeatedly (during dinner hours), offering a deal with PEPCO for "locked-in reduced rates". It sounded too good to be true, and it looks like it is indeed.

I some research on the company, and while it presents itself as a Washington Gas affiliated company, all of the comments that I found onlne were VERY negative. It sounded like a scam, and it turns out that it is.

If you get a phone call, watch out, because they are very quick to solicit your PEPCO account number. Most of the negative complaints that I heard and read were from persons who had given the PEPCO account number and gotten sucked-in to a very bad deal.

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I've been solicited by door and on the phone for two weeks now. I feel as thought it's a scam too.

Also, it seems that the other comments on this site are from people that work from the company. Hmmmmm...


Joe sounds like a little ***..


I work in washington gas. Noboday competes with us and you need use our gas anyway. We do not care your complains.


I called washington gas to complain, they do not fix the problem for me so I complain washington gas in the internet and everybody knows how bad this company is!!!


I have been with Washington Gas energy services for 2 years, saved money and wont change to the others that solicit me.


Seems to me you're wrong. Most people complain online, so for every complaint why would WGES have over 250,000 customers? and if you really want a complaint, why not call the company, they are local after all.

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