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My gas turned off Tuesday evening no turn off notice issued i payed Wednesday morning 1st thing 7am called when they opened at 8am to get service back and was told could not be turned on before 7am on Thursday i have family one under 2yrs old no stove no heat no shower spent an hour on the phone with very poor speaking lady that i couldn't understand for nothing washington gas is the worst!

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I have called many times over the last number of years. It all fall on deaf ears. There is a gas vault in the alley that the doors or lid have become loose. Every time a car or truck drives over it there is a loud bang as each wheel passes over the vault. I have talked to many employees about is and they tell us that they will file a request for service. Again nothing happens. It is so loose now that a person walking on it can make a loud... Read more

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i moved into my current Apartment on Jan. 17. I paid an initial Payment of $89.78. Then I started getting threatening notices for the bill of the last tenant who left owing them 92.30. I called to explain and they said they understood and would stop the letters. When I came home today I had received both the collection letter for the last tenant and the a bill that showed a past due amount for me of $61.69. I had already paid them an amount of... Read more

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about an year ago a guy showed up on my door step saying that he is from Washington Gas Energy Services and they can save me hundreds of dollars every year using wind power electricity. so after looking through the brochure i signed up...and i forgot all about it and didn't check my bill .....(which i should have) forward, months later...quite by chance we happened notice something add and after scrutinizing our bill found out that they... Read more

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My contract for gas and electric services with 3rd party - Washington Gas Energy Services - WGES was cancelled effective 6/30/14. They continued to bill me. I called them in July and was told that it takes a billing cycle for the cancellation to take effect. I received another bill in August. The representative could not figure out why the account had not cancelled and submitted the issue to upper management. In September another bill and... Read more

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I admit to have missed payments because the gas bill was very high and I was between jobs, however I was able to make a payment ($321.64) on Friday morning. The representative(ID:93644) told me that there is nothing they can do until Monday. She offered me a 7am-5pm appointment window, and also said that the technician may call or may not call before coming. This would mean I would have to *** work the whole day, she said there nothing she can... Read more

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I paid my Washington gas bill to have the gas reconnected (I admit that I missed payments but the gas bill was very high). The representative told me that there would be a technician to my house on Monday so someone had to be home. I took time off work to have the gas turned back on, which cost me money. I called to find out the status of the technician and was told that the technician had already been to my house. This is not possible... Read more

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Washington gas services are sucks. more worst is customer service sitting in Philippine. This is insulting i would say that US customer treat by some idiots outside the country. Day by day they're adding many hidden charges without any latter and try to ripoff customers using bluff saving money sales pitch. I wish there is any other company kick WG *** in the future to provide re-leave to the clients. Gov of US should consider this and try to... Read more

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Washington Gas Energy Services is a rip off of a quazi division of Washington Gas (false advertising). I was told I would be charged 72 cents per therm. I was already on the budget plan with Wash. Gas, so I figured it was a good deal. Wrong answer dog breath! I have a old bill from Wash. Gas for $476.00 and I now have to pay $147/mo instead of $40 on the budget plan with Wash Gas. To get out of a supposedly 2 yr contract will cost me $460. I... Read more

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I have been with Washington supply since'09. Each time they scam to "lower" your rate- your "contract" starts all over. I was told last yr that my date to cancel the "contract" was 5/14/14. This paper has been on my frig since I made that call. Now they tell me that I can't cancel until 7/14. What is your problem???? After I finish with this letter, I am going to the different social networks and explain why they should not use this company, and... Read more

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